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Maintain Your Wellness


This website was created for a mix of WELLNESS + INSPIRATION + COMMUNITY.

Wellness is a multi-dimensional concept.  We need to self care for the physical, emotional, connectional, spiritual, and explorational parts of us.


Finding moments of peace and connection amidst the stress that a pandemic can provide are crucial. They allow us space to be ourselves and to be there for our families, our friends, and our communities.

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Browse resources on re-entry.  Listen to podcasts. 

Find parenting resources.  Explore ideas and quarantine cooking.  Try stress relief practices.  Delve into free art resources.  Engage in service opportunities. 

Enjoy a gallery of photos from COVID-19 walks across 23 states.

Read the blog with interviews and inspiration from the community.

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Growth & Community


The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us home, physical distancing from friends & colleagues, and pondering during uncertain times. Slowing down and staying inside is not natural to us. But are there opportunities for growth amidst all these changes? Are there ways we can support our inner selves & the communities around us?

There is a Danish term getting "hygge" that is used in Nordic winters.  The closest equivalent in English might be "cozy."  It is the feeling of a warm fire, your loved ones close, a cup of tea, and some fuzzy socks. Perhaps we can get "hygge" (pronounced hoo-gah) as we settle indoors for many weeks.

This site is not meant as an answer but as a spark to these conversations, a place for reflection and community.  Stay well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected by COVID-19.  Loss of loved ones, jobs, and prior situations can make this a challenging time of grief for many. Our gratitude goes to the first responders, the medical professionals, and all those who are keeping this country fed and supplied as we forge ahead one day at a time.  Unusual times require unusual leadership, and it is around us each and every day.

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