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About Us

Wellness + Inspiration + Community

The first half of my adult life I spent interested in the mind-body connection.  Graduating medical school at Northwestern, I chose to pursue the field of psychiatry. The second portion of my adult years I took a career gap to raise my children.  Nonprofit service and community building have been integral to these years.  Through both my professional and philanthropic endeavors, I have been an advocate for equity in areas including health care, education, and the arts.

When we started to quarantine in March and I began reaching out to friends across the country, there were a number of things that became clear to me.  Loss of loved ones, job stresses, increased child care, and work life balance amidst crowded households were just a few of the stressors people were enduring.  The range was broad, yet for each family their experience of stress was real.  I also heard many gratifying stories of resilience, sacrifice, optimism, and gratitude amidst the hardships of the pandemic.  The days for most people were a mix of these moments along the way.

It was from these conversations that the idea of this website emerged.  I wanted to create a place where people would come for wellness resources, where inspirational stories would be shared, and a sense of community would be created.

Hope you will take the time to go through the resources on these pages, send in stories of your own, read the blog, and follow us on Instagram @wellnessduringcovid19 or Facebook @Wellness During Covid-19.

Be well.


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