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Keep Physical Distance But Stay Socially Connected

Zoom hangoutsFaceTime. Google meets. Meetups online. Social media apps. For those with internet access, the virtual connections have exploded both personally and professionally across the world. A group of college roommates who all live in different states wondered after a Zoom hangout Week 2 of the quarantine

why they never "hung out" like this regularly before.

Months into this pandemic, many are wondering how long this will continue and what will the lasting effects and lessons be for us as community?

(See Articles below for Zoom Happy Hour Do's & Don'ts)

As we call our mothers, connect to our friends, work with our colleagues, there is another connection that is strong and motivating through it all. COMMUNITY.  

At this time of stress, we may feel overwhelmed by our challenges at hand.  It is heartwarming to see so many people

focusing outward to help community.

There are so many inspirational stories...

from the friend who is sewing masks with pockets for extra protection

to the past roommate who is delivering Meals on Wheels for the elderly

to the friend who fed 100 nurses & doctors

with meals from a local restaurant

to the friend who baked pies and delivered them to her girlfriends 

to the teacher who used her 3D printer to make masks for a hospital

to the museums who ran a twitter campaign

thanking our healthcare workers and frontline staff.


These stories are the backbone of our communities. 

See Service Page for additional stories and links.

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