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This is a difficult time that might include concern for loved ones, changes in financial situations, food insecurity, health concerns, crowded households and more. These can be difficult life stressors, and your situation may require professional medical and vocational assistance.  Here are a few techniques that may also be useful to relieve feelings of stress.  You will find resources and articles in these sections below:

  • Exercise

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Activities You Love

  • Articles  (See the Yale Adult Guidelines for Understanding and Coping With Reactions in a Pandemic)


Exercise can impact serotonin levels which can elevate mood. 


The Peloton App 


Virtual pilates at solidcore is $15/class

7 minute workout:  Don't need anything.  Just your body.  12 high-intensity exercises:  do as many reps for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest between.

The Exercise Everyone Should Be Doing At Home During The Pandemic:  Squats

WHO:  Be Active During COVID-19

More Evidence That Exercise Can Boost Mood

(Click here to see more on Exercise on the Physical Page)


Yoga may be helpful with anxiety and depression.  Find a local teacher doing a virtual class.  Try CorePower on YouTube. Try an app.

Women's Health:  10 Best Yoga Apps

38 Health Benefits Of Yoga

Read this blog:  Say Yes To Yoga During COVID-19


What brings you inner peace?  What makes you delve and you lose track of time? else?

Find it & embrace it.  These activities can keep you engaged with manageable goals and also provide necessary distractions during this pandemic.

How To Find Your Flow and Boost Your Well-Being


Money, Stress and Mental Health

Growth After Disaster: Going Beyond Resilience

Drinking Has Surged During The Pandemic. Do You Know The Signs Of Addiction?

Flatten The Mental Health Curve By Fixing Our Broken Mental Health System

Anxiety Management 101:  A Brief, Timely Refresher

184 Days At Sea Alone...These Daily Rituals Kept Her Going

3 Secrets From A Submarine For Overcoming Coronavirus Stress

Quarantine Fatigue Is Real

Yale:  Adult Guidelines for Understanding and Coping With Reactions in a Pandemic

APA:  Coronavirus & Mental Health:  Taking Care of Ourselves During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

APA:  Working Remotely During COVID-19:  Your Mental Health and Well-Being

SAMHSA:  Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation During An Infectious Disease Outbreak

CDC:  Stress and Coping

The 4 M's Of Mental Health

Feeling Anxious About the Coronavirus?  A Stanford Psychiatrist Offers Tips

17 Totally Normal Things To Feel Right Now, According To Therapists

Quarantine Survival Tips for Extroverts and Perfectionists - And Those Who Live With Them

Anxiety is Contagious.  Here's How To Contain It 

That Discomfort You Are Feeling is Grief 

Harvard Health:  Coping With Coronavirus

WSJ:  After A Hurricane, New Confidence

Trouble Focusing? Not Sleeping? You May Be Grieving

On Coronavirus Lockdown?  Look For Meaning, Not Happiness

Overeating During The Shutdown?  Research Says Don't Beat Yourself Up-

Click here to see the blog:  Grief Guru?  I Would Pick These Two

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