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  • Anjali Gupta

Sing 10 Lines From Jon Bon Jovi

Music through my quarantine days has provided me peace in different forms: soothing notes for my meditative practice, energizing tunes for my workouts, and classical concertos to accompany my cooking. The power of music was recently demonstrated by The One World: Together At Home global concert, drawing more than 20 million viewers and raising $127 million for the World Health Organization and charities.

But the inspiration from the community today comes from my husband's lifetime favorite, JON BON JOVI.

Those of us who remember the 80's can still sing out loud to Livin' On A Prayer without holding back. God bless the thousands in Chi-town who chose to do that in a quarantine sing-along from their balconies and windows:). This pandemic has produced distance and grief and anxiety. What people are craving is authenticity and connection. Jon Bon Jovi wins my vote for inspiration today because he gets this. You can see this not only in his lyrics but also by his invitation to the community to write in verses that make sense to them, words that express what they are going through. He encourages people to tell him about the jobs they are losing and the graduations they are missing. It does not get more real than that. Talk about it. Pay attention to it. Sing it out loud. Do what you can.

"Tonight they're shutting down the borders

And they boarded up the schools

Small towns are rolling up their sidewalks

One last paycheck coming through

I know you're feeling kind of nervous

We're all a little bit confused

Nothing's the same, this ain't a game

We got to make it through

When you can't do what you do

You do what you can."

When you can't do what you do....You do what you can.

Thank you for the inspiration, Jon Bon Jovi!

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