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How long will we quarantine?  Our federal government has turned over leadership to the states.

The lockdowns and messaging differ across the country depending on what your state and local leaders are saying.  Economists worry about the effects of this shutdown and how long recovery will take.  Public health officials caution a return to normal too quickly may cause a resurgence of cases.  Most agree that some sense of normalcy must return, but how do we keep ourselves and vulnerable populations safe?  

This section contains:




WSJ: Back To College Plans Devolve Into a Jumble of Fast-Changing Rules

Chronicle of Higher Education: New List of College Re-Opening Plans

As Students Flock to Gap-Year Programs, College Enrollments Could Suffer

WaPo:  Ten Things Parents Could & Should Do to Help Schools Safely Reopen

NYT:  In The Same Town, Private Schools Are Reopening While Public Schools Are Not


Few Support Schools Reopening with Little or No Changes

CNN:  Where Some of The Biggest School Districts Stand

NYT:  How To Reopen Schools:  What Science and Other Countries Teach Us

How To Reopen the Economy Without Killing Teachers and Parents

CDC:  Considerations for Schools

American Academy of Pediatrics: Guidance for School Re-Entry

4 Hidden Risks to Re-Opening

Covid and the EEO Laws

3 Tips To Avoid WFH Burnout

Re-Entry Plans Must Account For Medically Vulnerable Employees

Restaurants Across The Country Are Closing After Workers Test Positive For Covid-19

18 Beliefs People Once Had About Coronavirus That Aren't True

6 Feet Away Isn't Enough. Covid Risk Involves Other Dimensions Too

Is Covid-19 The Tipping Point for Telemedicine?

The One Fashion Rule We Learned During Quarantine

5 Radical Schooling Ideas For An Uncertain Fall and Beyond

Is It Safe To Take An Uber, Lyft, or Taxi During Coronavirus?

How To Stay Safe and Clean On The Road

MIT researchers Say These Are Unsafe Businesses To Avoid During Covid

Covid-19 Risks Ranked

Virus Surges Across U.S., Throwing Re-Openings Into Disarray

Ten Ways Sports Will Be Different

The World Is Still Far From Herd Immunity For Coronavirus

Less Is More As An Art Museum Reopens

What do Americans think?

NYT:  All 50 States Are Now Reopening. But At What Cost?

NYT:  College in the Fall of 2020:  Fever Checks and Quarantine Dorms

Brookings:  How Our Cities Can Reopen After The Covid-19 Pandemic

WaPo:  All 50 U.S. States Have Taken Steps Toward Reopening In Time For Memorial Day Weekend

WaPo:  Five Habits We Should Keep As We Reenter The World

The Atlantic:  A Guide To Staying Safe As States Re-Open

NYT:  As States Rush To Re-Open, Scientists Fear A Comeback

CNBC:  Asia Did These Three Things

Cleveland Clinic:  COVID-19:  Creating A Safe Workplace

WaPo:  We Need A Comprehensive Battle Strategy:  States Opening Their Economies Lack Benchmark For Reimposing Restrictions

Wharton:  Temporary Shift or New Reality?  How Work May Change Post-Pandemic

HBR:  Preparing Your Business For A Post-Pandemic World

HBR:  Lead Your Team Into A Post-Pandemic World

HBR:  What Will Work-Life Balance Look Like After The Pandemic?

NYT:  When The Pandemic Ends, Will School Change Forever?

NYT:  Will The Coronavirus Forever Alter The College Experience?

NEJM:  Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic



The Daily:  The Science of School Re-Openings

Dr. Osterholm Update: Re-Opening Schools

The Economist:  Editor's Picks (check at minute 9 for Re-Opening Schools)

The Daily:  The Vaccine Trust Problem

The Daily:  Reopening, Warily

Osterholm Update:  Raring to Reopen

Osterholm Update:  Pandemic Wave Scenarios

The Doctor's Farmacy:  Where Are We Now and Where Do We Go From Here?

MIT:  The Long Path To A Post-Pandemic Reality

Mind Matters:  Preparing for Post-Pandemic Recovery

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