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There is difficult news unfolding daily around this pandemic. We may have moments we need to sit with our grief and other moments we need

a distraction from it.

Build neuroplasticity. Try something new with adults or with your children. Connect & create memories.

For moments we want to

find our flow, get in a zone, and delve, this section has:




Aloe + Alcohol = Hand Sanitizer. Bake something gooey. Coursera. Dance to your favorite '80s song. Explore a new genre. Face mask with home ingredients. Get your favorite board games out. Get "Hygge" . Invite your children to dinner in costumes. Join a virtual workout class. Knit something new. Listen to the Berlin Philharmonic. Make a sketch of your backyard tree. New recipes. Order a brand new cuisine and support your local restaurant. Puzzle together. Quest with your family. Run. Stream BroadwayHD. Take a photo from an interesting angle. Understand what brings you peace. Virtual museum tour. Watch a classic movie. Xylophone. Yoga daily. Zoom a book club. 

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